Tuesday, 16 October 2012

NOTD - Coral and Black

Main colour - Rimmel lycra pro in Coral Romance
Tips/heart - Nails inc. in Black Taxi

Hello everyone! :)
I've recently been trying my hand at a bit of nail art. I'm no professional yet but i love practising different things on my nails. Sellotape is my nail art tool of choice at the minute, which i use to create my different colour tips. I also used it to create my heart stencil. It was VERY fiddly though as i had to fold the tape in half, and then cut half a heart onto the fold (just like i used to do in primary school when i'd make cards for my family - i knew that would come in handy one day). The fiddly bit was getting it to open out again as obviously it had all stuck together by that point. That's why the heart is a bit pointy, i couldn't get it quite right but i don't think it's too bad for my first attempt! I'm really happy with them!
I'm going to be trying my hand at other patterns and colour combinations, so watch this space for more posts on that! :)
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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Rimmel lycra pro - Celebrity Bash

Hello Lovelies.
Here is my picture of celebrity bash on my nails as promised :)
Also a little update on the chip factor of this nail varnish. It's lasted me an incredible 4 days virtually chip free. I say virtually because there are just some little chips on the tips of my nails. I have been at work for these 4 days as well so that's pretty good going for me, since my other nail varnishes (including my nails inc. ones) barely last an hour without chipping. So I'm very pleased! It does say on the bottle that it lasts up to 10 days but i think, with work and other day to day activities, that's pretty ambitious!

Photo by me

This is my new favourite nail colour. It's so dark and rich. Perfect for autumn :) You only need two coats for perfect coverage and just like coral romance, it has the lovely thick brush so it glides on smoothly! I absolutely love this stuff!
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