Sunday, 29 July 2012

My beautiful new necklace

Hello :)
Now, as a 90's kid, I am very much in love with all things Disney! And I absolutely love Disney couture jewellery. I've become quite the collector of these beautiful pieces! I have seven so far. The detail is just exquisite and they really capture the soul of Disney! I'm in love with them!
Alice in Wonderland is my all time favourite Disney film and my wonderful boyfriend got me an amazing new Disney couture necklace for my birthday.

Photo by me

This is my favourite piece of mine, I love the detail and it's so shiny and striking. Just underneath the lid it says "believe the impossible". The bottle opens and I think it doubles up as a perfume bottle but I really don't want to taint my beautiful necklace with chemicals :P
I love how Alice is attached to the clasp too, but I now have that slightly imprinted on the back of my neck thanks to the beautiful British weather we've been having recently! 

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Customisation - Attempt one

So, this week i tried my hand at customising a dress into a top. I am in no way a seamstress but i am an eBay addict, so when i typed in "vintage" in the eBay search bar, in the vain hope that there would actually be a vintage garment in my size, my heart nearly stopped when i saw that there was! A plus sized, vintage bargain. I was in heaven! Or so i thought. 
I bidded on the dress without hesitation, then when i went back later and had a proper look at it, i thought "oh no!". The vintage dress that i thought i could jazz up with a chunky waist belt and gold accessories, quickly turned into a hideous frumpy frock which wouldn't flatter my curves at all. I panicked a bit but i thought I'd be safe if someone else bidded on it, so i just put it to the back of my mind. Then i got the email...."congratulations! you are the high bidder and have won vintage 40's dress" OH NO!

 For some reason the picture will only show up tiny! :/

I emailed the seller and told her that the dress was no longer to my taste but unfortunately she said she couldn't help me and all i could really do was to get the item and then re-sell it. No offence to her but i don't think re-selling it was an option as i was the only person who'd bidded previously and it was listed for almost two weeks. My only other option, was to give it a new lease of life! 
I've dabbled in sewing before, i sometimes make sock monkeys in my spare time and I'm more than capable of fixing cosmetic damage. So i thought, how hard can it be :/
I turned this dress into a half button up shirt with a handkerchief hem. This style of hem wasn't my original choice but i will hold my hands up and say that my cutting of the dress was so diabolical that it ended up that way. I felt a bit dis-heartened after the cutting as it was harder than i thought but i persevered and HAND STITCHED (just needed to stress that fact) all the way along the bottom with a half inch fold just so it didn't look all jaggy. And i must say that I'm so glad i persevered. I'm absolutely in love with my new top. It's not in any way perfect! And it is a little bit wonky but in my book that all adds to the charm! I love the fact that I'm the only person with this top and it's really flattering. I think I'll definitely get some more practice with customising, it gives you a great feeling of achievement and individuality!
It also goes amazingly with my new jeans - i am now a convert to jeans after years of searching for some that actually fit my little legs! Dorothy Perkins, you godsend! :)

Sorry about the poor picture quality but it was actually a nice day in Great Britain!
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Monday, 16 July 2012

Liparazzi's MASSIVE giveaway!

Liparazzi is an amazing fashion and beauty blog that I follow on here! And the lovely lady who owns it is having a massive giveaway of beauty products. All you have to do it click the link above, follow her blog (you won't regret it), like her on facebook and leave a comment with your name and email address. The hamper is being updated with new products being added every few days. The winner is picked at random and it's so easy to be in with a chance so what are you all waiting for! Get yourselves over there and enter! :)
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Friday, 13 July 2012

Shoes or Art?

Ok, so i wanted to draw everyone's attention to this amazing shoe designer that i stumbled across a while ago by accident, his name is Kobi Levi. I don't know how well known he is so i thought I'd post about him on here as i think EVERYONE needs to see his designs. They're amazing! They're like little pieces of wearable art! I don't own any of his pieces but they are just so exquisite to look at! The attention to detail is spectacular and they really are something to be admired. I'll post a few pictures on here then I'll post a link to his blog.

These are some of my favourite pieces

Blonde Ambition

Chewing Gum Sidewalk


Olive Oyl


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