Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Rocky Horror Show

Hello Lovelies!
Last night, my friends and I went to The rocky horror show at the theatre royal in Norwich. We love all things trashy, sparkly and a little bit wrong and we've been waiting for this night for months and it was amazing! 
Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures of the show but rest assured that everyone looked amazing and the cast put on a very good performance. 
I went to see this 6 years ago, but i didn't dress up which is something i regretted afterwards because everyone's costumes looked amazing. 
This time though, we went all out;

This was my make up look for the evening. I had SO much make up on, it was unreal. My face actually looked a bit dirty which of course all added to the trashy effect. These eyelashes are triple eyelashes and it actually felt like i had tunnel vision trying to see through these. They're my eyelure and i got them from boots and think i paid about £7. That does seem a bit steep but they are reusable :)
Unfortunately this isn't my real hair. It's a wig by reelva. It cost me £4.99 from eBay and for synthetic hair it's actually really good quality! :)

People kept asking for photos of and with us because they loved our outfits so much! It was very surreal and we felt like celebrities and i've got to say i felt so confident! 
After the show, we went to a pub called the waterfront to an 80's/rocky horror night. Cheap drinks and we got in for free because we had our theatre tickets :) We met some lovely gentlemen who were dressed like an 80's hair metal band and spent the evening outside with them chatting and laughing.

I think this was possibly the best night of my life. We had so much fun!
I'd love to hear from other people who went to the show and hear your thoughts! :)
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