Sunday, 22 July 2012

Customisation - Attempt one

So, this week i tried my hand at customising a dress into a top. I am in no way a seamstress but i am an eBay addict, so when i typed in "vintage" in the eBay search bar, in the vain hope that there would actually be a vintage garment in my size, my heart nearly stopped when i saw that there was! A plus sized, vintage bargain. I was in heaven! Or so i thought. 
I bidded on the dress without hesitation, then when i went back later and had a proper look at it, i thought "oh no!". The vintage dress that i thought i could jazz up with a chunky waist belt and gold accessories, quickly turned into a hideous frumpy frock which wouldn't flatter my curves at all. I panicked a bit but i thought I'd be safe if someone else bidded on it, so i just put it to the back of my mind. Then i got the email...."congratulations! you are the high bidder and have won vintage 40's dress" OH NO!

 For some reason the picture will only show up tiny! :/

I emailed the seller and told her that the dress was no longer to my taste but unfortunately she said she couldn't help me and all i could really do was to get the item and then re-sell it. No offence to her but i don't think re-selling it was an option as i was the only person who'd bidded previously and it was listed for almost two weeks. My only other option, was to give it a new lease of life! 
I've dabbled in sewing before, i sometimes make sock monkeys in my spare time and I'm more than capable of fixing cosmetic damage. So i thought, how hard can it be :/
I turned this dress into a half button up shirt with a handkerchief hem. This style of hem wasn't my original choice but i will hold my hands up and say that my cutting of the dress was so diabolical that it ended up that way. I felt a bit dis-heartened after the cutting as it was harder than i thought but i persevered and HAND STITCHED (just needed to stress that fact) all the way along the bottom with a half inch fold just so it didn't look all jaggy. And i must say that I'm so glad i persevered. I'm absolutely in love with my new top. It's not in any way perfect! And it is a little bit wonky but in my book that all adds to the charm! I love the fact that I'm the only person with this top and it's really flattering. I think I'll definitely get some more practice with customising, it gives you a great feeling of achievement and individuality!
It also goes amazingly with my new jeans - i am now a convert to jeans after years of searching for some that actually fit my little legs! Dorothy Perkins, you godsend! :)

Sorry about the poor picture quality but it was actually a nice day in Great Britain!
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