Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My outfit for today :)

Photo by me

Dress - New Look
Blouse - Primark
Ring - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Mad Hatties

I've had this dress for about five years and it's just been sitting in my wardrobe since then. I re-discovered it a few weeks back and it's now become one of my favourite pieces! It's great for layering tops over or under it and it's really comfortable and easy to wear.
I LOVE statement jewellery, it's kind of my thing :) This ring is like a snooker ball and very heavy, but i love the bright purpleness of it. The necklace was a gift from my cousin, it's from a handmade jewellery company called mad hatties who specialised in Alice in wonderland themed jewellery. Unfortunately, I've just read that they are no longer in business which is a great shame :( You can't see it from this picture but the necklace has a small teapot and teacup inside, it's so cute :)

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