Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lady Gaga - Fame (Perfume)

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Today, I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the new fragrance from Lady Gaga. It's called "Fame".
I am a very big fan of Lady Gaga so when I heard she was launching her own perfume, I was very excited! I knew that I'd want it even before I'd read anything about it and before I'd smelt it! However, I decided to buy a small sample from a seller on eBay before I went out and bought the real thing as I have made that mistake so many times before, just buying a perfume because I liked who's name was slapped across the front. It's not that it's overly expensive (prices range from £24.50 to £54.50) but I'm just older and wiser now!

Here is a picture of the bottle

This is how it is described by the perfume shop

"Lady Gaga Fame is the first ever black Eau de Parfum that sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne. The fragrance has a unique structure called the "push-pull technology," where the ingredients interact together to highlight different olfactive aspects of each note at the same time, without any hierarchy. The scent is built around three main accords: dark, sensual and light. The dark accord was inspired by Belladonna, the deadly nightshade possessed by haunted beauties since the 18th century. From this darkness, the fragrance evolves to a sensual accord of opulence, a fusion of dripping honey, saffron and apricot nectar. And lastly, the light accord whispers magnificence. The rich floral layer of crushed Tiger Orchid and Jasmine Sambac embodies timeless beauty. The accords work together to create a fragrance of floral and fruity elements, with the star ingredient inspired by Belladonna levelling out the whole fragrance and giving Lady Gaga Fame its signature as a scent."

On the box

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed by this perfume. I'm glad I only bought the sample as it's not something that I would pay full price for or wear everyday. Don't get me wrong, it's got a pleasant smell but it doesn't have that uniqueness that I believe Lady Gaga is all about. The fact that you can't pick out a distinctive note within it only adds to the disappointment. It just smells like every other generic celebrity perfume that's been released. I would have liked it if she'd have gone for something a bit different. The fact that it's black is a pointless feature as well. I'm just going to be blunt about this but it seems as though she has done this to make up for the fact that the scent is a little bit boring. I think the box is very wordy and the bottle is fancy but it doesn't really mean anything when it comes to the smell of the perfume. I like to be able to pick out the notes in a perfume i wear and this one just wasn't for me. Sorry to say this, but this perfume just doesn't live up to all the hype and promotion that surrounded it!

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