Thursday, 13 September 2012

What I wore today and the museum

Hello everyone
Lately, i have been reminiscing about my childhood a lot. Back when i was between the ages of 6 and 9, my nanny used to take me to the Norwich castle museum. I have been thinking about these times a lot lately and talking about them, so my boyfriend decided to surprise me and take me back there today! They have modernised it A LOT since i was a kid but all the stuff in there is very much the same. Which took me right back to when i was a kid. Me and my cousin would always look in fascination at the ancient Egypt exhibition in there and we loved the stuffed animals and taxidermy (we've always been a little weird). Something that was new though was a "fashion through the ages" exhibition. As you can well imagine, i was in my element, looking at and reading about all the different fashions through the years. I took a couple of pictures.

Photo by me

That lovely yellow show you see there is from the 1970s and there were a variety of badges and some 1970s earrings. There was a vintage Vivienne Westwood purse in there too but i didn't manage to get that in the picture.

Photo by me

This dress is from 1856!

Here is what i wore for our day trip :)

Photo by me

Top - Made by me
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Matalan
Bag - Primark

I did post about this top previously but this is the first time I've worn it out. It was very comfy but i did notice that my cutting skills are not up to much. It's all a bit wonky which is disappointing but it all adds to the charm i guess, and it was my first attempt. The shoulders were sticking out as well, which I'm guessing is from where i cut out the shoulder pads from when it was previously a foisty old dress :P. If anyone knows how i can stop this from happening then please email me or leave me a comment. I'd really appreciate it!
I'm so glad that autumn is here! As much as i like being able to enjoy the sunshine, it has been far too hot for me this year so i was looking forward to being able to wrap up In long sleeves and boots. these boots are my favourite thing at the minute. They're Chelsea boots and they're black glittery! I love a bit of sparkle, so when i saw these i had to have them. They're so comfy as well, which is always a bonus.
I'm glad to finally be wearing jeans, i never used to find them comfy but since I've lost some weight (19lbs so far) i find them very easy to slip into and comfortable to move in so that's something I'm happy about! 
All in all, I've had a lovely day. I've felt more confident today than i think i ever have before and it's been fun re-living a big part of my childhood. And i owe it all to my amazing boyfriend.

I love you, Adam :)
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