Monday, 24 September 2012

My new nail varnish love

Hello people :)
Today I found myself loitering around the local pharmacy because of my boyfriend's poorly tooth (that's another story). I can't resist a browse around a pharmacy whilst i wait, I'm such a sucker for cosmetics that i just have to have a look to see what i can buy, even if i don't need anything. I always walk out of there with an array of colours painted all over my hands from trying out all the testers.
Today i came away with two rimmel Lycra pro nail varnishes. They were two for £7 so i had to take advantage of the offer (the offer was in a boots pharmacy FYI, so I'm sure the offer extends to larger boots stores!). The one that originally caught my eye was a shade called coral romance.

Photo by me

Photo by me

In this picture it looks more of a hot pink than a coral, but i think that must be my camera being dodgy. On my nails in real life it looks more of a light shade of red/orange colour. I was looking forward to a nice summery shade adorning my fingers to brighten up my autumn days, and i was not disappointed.
The dark red shade i bought is called celebrity bash. I used this one on my toes and i absolutely love it! It looks amazing and is the perfect dark, brooding shade for autumn! I really can't wait to paint my fingernails with this one, it's just such a beautiful colour! When i do paint my fingernails with this, i will do a separate post with a picture so you can see for yourselves how nice it is! :) I will also let you know how chip resistant it is, as i haven't had the chance to really wear this yet. It says on the bottle that it can last up to 10 days but i'll soon see about that! I seem to have a real problem with my nail varnish chipping, even with top coat so I'm interested to see how long this one with last without chipping away.
What i love best about these nail varnishes is the brush! It's really wide and it covers the whole nail when you apply it, so it goes on with just one stroke. I used two coats just to make the colour richer but that's all you need. And because it goes on so smoothly, you can do your nails really quickly! I always seem to get nail varnish all over my fingers when i use thinner brushes (not a good look) but that doesn't happen with this nail varnish which is a big bonus!
All in all, I'm very happy with my impromptu purchases and i will definitely be buying more of these nail varnishes. If anyone else has any of these and can recommend a nice colour for me to try, then I'd love to hear from you! :)
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