Friday, 19 April 2013

MAC "Captive" and "Ruby woo"...

Hello lovelies. :)
Here is my second post for today, i was going to leave it for a bit later but i'm not feeling too well so i thought i'd go back to bed for a while and blog from the comfort of my duvet! :D 
This post is going to feature my two amazing new lipsticks by MAC! Now, i am a girl on a budget so these have never been a go-to product of mine but when my boyfriend said he wanted to treat me. I thought this would be a prime opportunity to try out MAC's famous lipsticks! My mum always used to tell me that lipstick makes a difference but up until about 3 months ago, i was never really bothered. But now, i literally can't wear make up without finishing my look with a slick of lipstick! 
"Ruby woo" is an amazing red shade with a matte finish! I've never tried a matte lipstick before but i fell so in love with this shade of red that i had to have it. And omg, i am so glad i picked it! It lasts all day (with one or two minor touch ups) when worn alone but i always use my nan's go to product Lipcote. And with a bit of that on top, it lasts all day and i don't have to worry about it sliding off. The only other lipstick i have known to last all day is Maxfactor's Lipfinity. So i am very impressed with this and will be buying more matte lipsticks in the future. I've read on a few other beauty blogs that matte lipsticks are difficult to apply so that's why i have steered clear but that's not the case with this. It glides on very easily!
I usually stick to wearing red but "Captive" is a different shade for me. It's a pinkish plum colour with a satin finish. I bought a plum lipstick a few months ago but the colour was so dark that it just washed me out and made me look ill so i was a bit sceptical about this shade but i am pleasantly surprised! It is still quite dark but just light enough to not make me look like a zombie! The lasting power was quite different with this lipstick. Although it did last a good 2 hours before i had to reapply it again (not a full reapply i will add, it just slipped off the middle of my lips but stayed round the edges). It wasn't an all dayer like Ruby Woo. It also didn't like my lipcote very much and i found that it made no difference to the lipstick and made it difficult to reapply, as putting more lipstick over the lipcote just makes you end up with bitty lipstick all over your lips - Not a good look!
I'm so glad i bought these lipsticks and i've fell in love with them so much that they may just have to become a regular purchase. At £14 a time, they're a little pricey but they're so worth it! The staying power is overall a winner and they also smell gorgeous! Unlike other lipsticks, these have a sort of vanilla smell. Heavenly!

What are your favourite MAC products? :)

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