Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ok, so i'm in love!

So I recently treated myself to my first nails inc nail varnish and I was not disappointed. After lusting after them for months and trying to select a shade that I wanted the most (they have so many great colours, it's so hard to decide), I finally decided on one of their new 3D glitters. I went for Hammersmith. It says it's a teal pink glitter but I personally can't see any pink in it at all.

I bought mine for £6.20 from eBay but this retails at £11. I do like to save myself a bit of money.
This goes on really dense but it gives great coverage and it dries really quick! I usually apply two coats for a super glittery effect. You need a lot of top coat with this nail varnish, I applied one coat and it just drank it up straight away! I think for the glossy result I got, I ended up applying 5 top coats! Seems extreme but as I said before, this nail varnish really soaks up the top coat and I wanted to make sure I locked in the glitter!
I do have a picture of this on my nails but it makes the glitter look more silver than it actually is!

There are some flecks of silver glitter in it, but the smaller particles are teal and it's tightly packed!
I absolutely love this nail varnish and will definitely be buying more nails inc! They're such great quality and are so easy to apply! I'm converted!
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